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Attorney Benjamin has duel offices in Chico and Yuba City California.  Mr. Scarfe has practiced in the Yuba City and Chico Area for the last six years and has successfully argued all sort of DUI jury trials and DMV hearings. 

If you are arrested for a DUI in the Yuba-Sutter area contact Attorney Benjamin Scarfe immediately. 

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Attorney Benjamin Scarfe will aggressively advocate for you if you are arrested for a DUI. Mr. Scarfe has successfully handled all sorts of DUI and DMV matters. Don't lose your license. Call Benjamin Scarfe today to learn how to keep your driving privilege.  

Mr. Scarfe's custom is to thoroughly and meticulously investigates the facts of your DUI in preparation for the DMV hearing and your court case.  Mr. Scarfe has a mastery of field sobriety testing and drug recognition evaluations.  These tools are necessary for proper cross examination of the arresting officer. 

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Warning: If you fail to call DMV within 10 calendar days of your arrest you will lose your license. 

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