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Attorney Benjamin Scarfe is committed to fully investigating your case and filing motions in court to aggressively, diligently, and thoroughly defend your rights. Call today to discuss your arrest.  Whether it is a felony, misdemeanor, or DUI, attorney Benjamin Scarfe can provide diligent and thorough representation to assert your legal rights. 

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Your emergency is our emergency.  The lawyer client relationship is the most sacred relationship recognized by law. Your lawyer must possess the requisite skill, competence, and desire to thoroughly investigate the facts of your case in order to effectively represent your interest.  In fact, every lawyer took an oath to do just that.   



We’re committed to providing you with the highest level of legal representation whereby the facts of your case are thoroughly  investigated by qualified professionals. 

An arrest can be devestating on you or your family.  If you are arrested for a DUI you should consult a lawyer immediately.




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